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    Factors to Consider When You Are Planning Wedding Transportation

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Your wedding day is a huge day, and the last thing you need to worry about is how everyone is going to get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. That’s why hiring a professional transportation service is such a smart move. They can get you the party limousine, bus, or SUV you need and do all of the worrying for you. There are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure they can do their jobs first, though:

    Know what you want. It doesn’t make much sense to hire a transportation service that only specializes in rare and exotic cars if you want a mini bus rental for your wedding party. If there is some specific type of car or fleet that you envision for your wedding, then make sure the company that you choose has those types of vehicles available.

    Reserve your transportation early. Wedding transportation isn’t one of those things you need to wait till a month before time to arrange. Many factors can influence the availability of the number and types of rentals available. It’s a good idea to finalize your reservations at least six months prior to the date, and one year before may be better if your wedding day is in the middle of a particularly busy season or event.

    Allow for various delays. If it takes 20 minutes to drive from Point A to Point B on a typical day, then allow at least 40 minutes for the drive on your wedding day. Situations such as road work, sporting events, unusually heavy traffic, vehicle accidents, and simply not being ready to leave on time can all lead to you, your party, or your guests running late. It is always better to arrive early, so make those allowances when booking your rental.

    At El Paseo Limousine, we offer a number of transportation rentals for all types of weddings. From party limousines to full bus rentals, we’ll help you and your guests get where you’re going in style and safety. Visit our website for more information or call (408) 600-2763.

    Plan Transportation for Your Wedding with this App

    Last updated 16 days ago

    Finding your wedding transportation has never been easier. With the help of the My Wedding app on iTunes, you can stay organized as you figure out the details for your big day.

    Get ideas and inspiration that help you figure out how to plan your dream wedding. Keep track of everything you have planned with different categories or due dates. The app even has a wedding decider to help you make tough decisions.

    Whether you are planning a huge wedding or an intimate gathering, El Paseo Limousine is here to provide transportation for your big day. With a fleet full of vehicles of all shapes and sizes and reliable drivers, we help you get the transportation services you need. Call (408) 600-2763 to reserve your wedding vehicles.

    The Steps of Planning an Unforgettable Night on the Town

    Last updated 24 days ago

    If you do not get to go out at night as often as you would like, you should make an effort to do it right when you find the opportunity to go. The next time you plan a night on the town, use the following tips to ensure that it is everything you want it to be and more:

    Decide What You Want to Do

    Get together with your group to talk about what you want to do on your next big night out. Whether you want to check out a few local dance clubs or see the opera, there are a huge variety of entertainment possibilities from which to choose. You might want to start off with dinner in a fancy restaurant and then move on from there.

    Hire Transportation

    If you want everyone to truly enjoy themselves during the next night out, you should turn to a bus charter company to provide the transportation for the evening. Whether you need a mini bus rental or a party limousine, the right transportation can seriously enhance the occasion. This also ensures that you have a designated driver without someone in your group having to sacrifice their night to provide safe transportation.

    Enjoy Your Evening

    After you go through the effort of planning the night on the town, it is up to you to enjoy it. Your attitude can affect how the evening goes, so try to go into it feeling excited and open-minded. Go with the flow even if the evening does not go according to plan and you can make some lasting memories.

    With the help of El Paseo Limousine, you and your friends can plan an amazing night out in Northern California. Since 1987, we have provided some of the best transportation services in the Bay Area. Whether you are planning a leisurely night out or need airport transportation for corporate reasons, we can help. To learn more about our services, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.

    Etiquette Tips for Your Ride in a Limo

    Last updated 29 days ago

    Whether you have the opportunity to ride in a limousine all the time or are planning an excursion for a special occasion, it is important to practice proper etiquette. Use this guide to learn how to act on your next ride in a limo:

    Give the Company an Accurate Head Count

    When you call the limo and bus charter company to make your reservation, you should know exactly how many passengers will be traveling with you. This way the company can send a limousine that comfortably and safely seats all of your passengers. If there is going to be a change to the number of people traveling, call the company to tell them before your limo ride.

    Treat the Driver Well

    The chauffer can make or break a limousine ride, which is why it is important to treat him or her with respect. Do not enter the vehicle until the driver opens the door for you. Sit down and slide into the limo instead of bending over in front of the chauffer. If you enjoyed your ride and the service, you should tip the driver about 20 percent. Check with the limo company before you take your ride to see if the tip is included in the price or if you should have it with you.

    Take Care of the Limo

    Although you are paying for use of the limo, that does not give you free reign over its interior. You should try to keep the vehicle clean and in the condition in which you found it. If you have any trash, you should throw it away when you exit the vehicle.

    El Paseo Limousine is proud to be one of the top limo and bus charter companies in Northern California. For almost thirty years, we have provided top transportation services throughout the Bay Area. To learn more about our services or to request a ride, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.

    Going Green with El Paseo Limousine

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Short BOn top of offering some of the best transportation services in the Bay Area, El Paseo Limousine is also committed to being green. Keep reading to learn more about our work to help the environment and how riding in our limousines can help you contribute to our efforts:

    We are one of the founding members of the Limousine Environmental Partnership (LEAP), which is dedicated to reducing, renewing, and offsetting. Our vehicles are set up with energy reducing features to decrease their carbon footprints. We use a carbon emissions inventory assessment, 100% carbon offsetting, and FlexFuel vehicles to make our company more environmentally friendly and we are continuing the search for newer and better ways to operate a green business.

    When you take advantage of El Paseo Limousine’s party limousine or mini bus rentals, you can enjoy these eco-friendly features. With your help, we can continue to do our part to improve the environment and make the limo industry less harmful to our precious planet. To learn more about our green services, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.log Post

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