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    Going Green with El Paseo Limousine

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Short BOn top of offering some of the best transportation services in the Bay Area, El Paseo Limousine is also committed to being green. Keep reading to learn more about our work to help the environment and how riding in our limousines can help you contribute to our efforts:

    We are one of the founding members of the Limousine Environmental Partnership (LEAP), which is dedicated to reducing, renewing, and offsetting. Our vehicles are set up with energy reducing features to decrease their carbon footprints. We use a carbon emissions inventory assessment, 100% carbon offsetting, and FlexFuel vehicles to make our company more environmentally friendly and we are continuing the search for newer and better ways to operate a green business.

    When you take advantage of El Paseo Limousine’s party limousine or mini bus rentals, you can enjoy these eco-friendly features. With your help, we can continue to do our part to improve the environment and make the limo industry less harmful to our precious planet. To learn more about our green services, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.log Post

    Thank You!

    Last updated 9 days ago

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    • Dear Sara-

      We all just want you and El Paseo Limousine to know how much pleasure it was to work with you all.   

      Sara, your easy going personality and great communication skills made our somewhat complicated and involved shuttling event

      come off smoothly.

      I am sure that your communication to and... More

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    Making Your Wedding Day Special with a Limo [INFOGRAPHIC]

    Last updated 14 days ago

    Your wedding is one of the biggest days of your life, and you’ll want to plan every detail. Once you find the perfect venues for your ceremony and reception, you’ll need to decide how you want to get to these places. Hiring a San Francisco limousine service for you and your wedding party is a stylish, classy choice for transportation. You can even have a limousine pick up your out-of-town guests at the airport to show that you appreciate them coming all this way for your wedding. Check out this Infographic from one of San Francisco’s top limo services to see why renting a limo can make your wedding even more special. Please share with your soon-to-be-married friends!

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    Factors to Consider When Choosing a Limousine Company

    Last updated 14 days ago

    No matter why you need to utilize transportation services, it is important to find a limo and bus charter company that looks out for you. Be sure to consider the following factors when you start the search for a limousine company to ensure that you get the best service:

    The Company’s Reputation

    Past customer’s experiences with a company can give you a lot of information about how they run their business. Look online to see if you can find any reviews that previous clients have left. Read through some of the good reviews and some of the bad reviews to try to get a better idea of the company’s customer service and how they deal with their clients. Once you find a company with good reviews, you should call to ask some questions to see if they give you the kind of service you deserve.

    The Company’s Fleet

    If you are planning to throw a huge bachelor party and want a party bus rental to serve as your transportation at the evening, the company has to have a vehicle that meets your needs. Check out a limousine company’s fleet before you make a reservation to make sure they have the kind of vehicle you want to use for your next event.

    The Company’s Safety Record

    From chauffeurs to fleet maintenance, a limousine company has a lot of different elements to which they must pay attention to ensure optimal safety. Check out a company’s safety record and look into their policy for hiring drivers. This will help you make the most informed decision about which company to choose for all of your transportation needs.

    El Paseo Limousine has proudly served the Bay Area since 1987. Not only do we provide safe transportation services, but we also make an effort to better the community and the environment with our involvement in the Limousine Environmental Partnership. To learn more about our fleet or our company history, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.

    Retracing the History of America's Most Famous Limos

    Last updated 20 days ago

    No matter who rides in a limousine, these luxury vehicles demand attention. There are certain vehicles that have made more of a name for themselves than others, however. Keep reading to learn more about some of America’s most notable limos and their famous passengers:

    The 1950 Lincoln Cosmopolitan

    President Harry S. Truman opted to change from General Motors to Ford when they updated the presidential limousine in 1950. This specialty stretched Lincoln Cosmopolitan was a convertible that was perfect for parades. In 1954, it gained a canopy so the public could still see the president traveling during rainstorms. This vehicle was used in the presidential fleet until 1965.

    The 1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X

    Although it is most famous as the vehicle in which President John F. Kennedy took his last breath, the 1961 Lincoln Continental SS-100-X was a notable vehicle on its own. This four-door convertible was stretched to transform it from a sedan into a limousine. After President Kennedy was assassinated, the limo was refurbished with a bulletproof hardtop and put back into rotation in the presidential fleet.

    The 2001 Cadillac Deville

    Due to changes in the Cadillac body, it could no longer be modified to meet the specifications of the presidential fleet in time for George W. Bush’s inauguration. Although they still used the Deville, they modified it so much that it looked like a completely different vehicle. With armored doors and bulletproof glass, this vehicle provided premium protection for the country’s most important passenger.

    You do not have to be elected to office to enjoy the feeling of riding in a comfortable vehicle like a limousine. El Paseo Limousine is Northern California’s answer to all of its transportation needs. From stretch limos to party bus rentals, we provide the fleet you need to find a ride for any occasion. To learn more about our services or to make a reservation, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.

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