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    Hiring a Limo for Your Baby's First Ride

    Last updated 3 days ago

    Bringing your new baby home from the hospital is high on the list of biggest, most important events in your life. Why not hire a limousine for that momentous occasion?

    With a highly skilled driver behind the wheel, you don't have to worry about navigating the busy roads of the San Jose area. You can focus on your newborn and your new family. Enjoy that time together as you celebrate baby's first car ride in style! A limousine rental is a wonderful way to welcome your new baby home.

    At El Paseo Limousine in San Jose, we love helping you celebrate life's biggest moments. From your wedding day to your baby's first car ride, we offer the rentals you need to make the day special. Give us a call at (408) 600-2763 to book your limo for baby's big debut.

    Tips for Enjoying Your Party Bus Rental

    Last updated 7 days ago

    Party bus rentals can make your life easier in a number of situations. From school or church outings to ushering wedding guests from the ceremony location to the reception, your party bus rental can do a lot to minimize stress and confusion while saving time. There are certain things you can do when preparing to rent a party bus that will make the experience even more enjoyable and efficient. Read on for a few tips:

    Book early. Some times of the year aren’t particularly busy, and you may be able to get a party bus rental at the last minute. You shouldn’t depend on that, however. Wedding season, homecoming and prom season, and even the holiday season can cause a great demand for rented transportation. You should make your reservations just as soon as you know you’re going to need them to ensure you’ll have the transportation you need when you need it.

    Create an itinerary, complete with what you want to do while in transit. It’s a good idea to know exactly where you’re going, and how many stops you intend to make on the way. If you only give your driver your starting point and destination, he or she may choose the closest route, which could knock out that bakery stop you’d planned on. You should also decide what you want to do while in the party bus, whether it’s eating, drinking, or listening to specific music—and see if your party bus rental company will either allow or accommodate you.

    Know what you need to spend. For many rental companies, the price of the rental is only that: the price for actually renting. There may be fuel surcharges, gratuity expenses, and other items that are either not included on your bill or may be included but are surprising to you. Find out what will and will not be billed, and whether or not you need to make a separate tip to your driver.

    Whether you need a party limousine, mini bus, or party bus rental, contact us at El Paseo Limousine. Visit us online or call (408) 600-2763 to make your reservation today.

    Designing the Presidential Limo of the Future

    Last updated 15 days ago

    Limousines have long been associated with power, wealth, and status. It’s part of what makes getting a party limousine rental so much fun! Have you ever wondered about what goes into designing the most important limo in the country, though? Check out this video to learn what’s required of a presidential limousine.

    As you’ll see, armor is the first and most important component the government is concerned about when it comes to the president’s ride. Style and functionality is important, too, but what goes in the limo’s trunk might just surprise you. Watch the clip to find out!

    If you’d like to feel like a president, king, or queen for a night, contact us at El Paseo Limousine. Our party limousine rentals and party bus rentals are sure to be that special touch your night needs to be simply amazing. Call (408) 600-2763 to learn more, or visit us online today!

    Wedding Limo Services from El Paseo Limousine

    Last updated 22 days ago

    At El Paseo Limousine, we’ve been providing specialty wedding transportation services for nearly three decades. We know how important and special this day is to you, and that’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to providing nothing but the best, most luxurious, seamless wedding limo services in the area.

    Our party limousine rentals are perfect for the bride and groom, or for the entire wedding party. Our bus and shuttle rentals are excellent for out of town guests who may not have transportation readily available, or who simply don’t know their way around town. Whether it’s from the ceremony to the reception, from the reception to the honeymoon, or for any of the fun pre-wedding parties, let El Paseo Limousine worry about the driving so you can get on with the celebrating.

    For more information about our party limousine rentals, mini-bus rentals, or other transportation services, visit us online or call (408) 600-2763.

    Factors to Consider When You Are Planning Wedding Transportation

    Last updated 1 month ago

    Your wedding day is a huge day, and the last thing you need to worry about is how everyone is going to get to where they need to be, when they need to be there. That’s why hiring a professional transportation service is such a smart move. They can get you the party limousine, bus, or SUV you need and do all of the worrying for you. There are a few things you’ll need to do to make sure they can do their jobs first, though:

    Know what you want. It doesn’t make much sense to hire a transportation service that only specializes in rare and exotic cars if you want a mini bus rental for your wedding party. If there is some specific type of car or fleet that you envision for your wedding, then make sure the company that you choose has those types of vehicles available.

    Reserve your transportation early. Wedding transportation isn’t one of those things you need to wait till a month before time to arrange. Many factors can influence the availability of the number and types of rentals available. It’s a good idea to finalize your reservations at least six months prior to the date, and one year before may be better if your wedding day is in the middle of a particularly busy season or event.

    Allow for various delays. If it takes 20 minutes to drive from Point A to Point B on a typical day, then allow at least 40 minutes for the drive on your wedding day. Situations such as road work, sporting events, unusually heavy traffic, vehicle accidents, and simply not being ready to leave on time can all lead to you, your party, or your guests running late. It is always better to arrive early, so make those allowances when booking your rental.

    At El Paseo Limousine, we offer a number of transportation rentals for all types of weddings. From party limousines to full bus rentals, we’ll help you and your guests get where you’re going in style and safety. Visit our website for more information or call (408) 600-2763.

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